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Nuclear safety has highest priority for operation of nuclear power plants (NPPs). It generally goes hand in hand with improvements of plant availability and efficiency. New safety and regulatory requirements as well as power plant upgrades and long-term operation (LTO) of NPPs present challenges to NPP operators as they trigger the need for various safety analyses and assessments.

Framatome as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of worldwide operating NPPs has a large experience developing safety concepts and implementing safety improvements, covering also the lessons learned in connection with core melt accidents.

We offer a wide range of engineering capabilities such as:

  • Deterministic safety analysis and accident analysis
    - Thermal-hydraulic plant analysis (loss-of-coolant accident, LOCA, and non-LOCA)
    - Fluid dynamic analysis, including short-term impacts (waterhammer, pressure waves, 
      fluid-structure interaction etc.)
    - Pressure and temperature loads on buildings and structures
    - Pressurized thermal shock (PTS) analysis
    - Radiological consequences (inside and outside NPP)
    - Seismic re-assessment of buildings, structures, equipment and core
    - Seismic margin assessment
  • Probabilistic safety analysis (PSA / PRA)
     PSA Level 1, 2, 3 for power and shutdown states
    - Fire PSA
    - Seismic PSA
    - PSA for other external events
  • Reliability analysis for instrumentation and control (I&C) systems
  • Periodic safety review
  • Robustness and weak point analysis
  • Concepts for coping with external hazards leading to design extension conditions like station blackout (SBO), loss of ultimate heat sink (LUHS) or loss of fuel pool cooling
  • Concepts for core melt stabilization
  • Safety classification
  • Licensing support.
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