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The functional capability of safety-related valves must be verified by both analytical and experimental qualification. However, analytical verification is not always possible to the extent required, particularly in the case of new designs.

We operate large-scale valve test facilities in Karlstein, Germany, to simulate operational and accident conditions.
The facilities can be operated with cold, sub-cooled, saturated water as well as saturated and superheated steam. Phase transitions are also possible (e.g. steam to two-phase or steam to water).


We offer the possibility to perform qualification, prototype functional tests and factory acceptance tests.


We provide numerical tools to forecast and support the course of the test based on test valve flow characteristics.

Your Benefits

  • Representative test results through full-scale valve testing
  • 40 years of experience in valve testing ensure the highest test quality
  • Extended possibilities with access to the Framatome thermal-hydraulic worldwide platform
  • Reliable test results through accreditation as test and inspection body in accordance with ISO 17025 and 17020, accepted by ILAC



Over the past 40 years, the following kind of valves have been successfully tested:

  • Main steam isolation valves up 30” (e.g. globe and gate)
  • Feedwater isolation valves up to 10” (e.g. globe and gate)
  • Setpoint verification and flow capacity tests on safety valves (spring-loaded, self- or pilot-actuated)
  • Pressurizer safety relief valves, including under ATWS conditions (ATWS: anticipated transient without scram)
  • 3-way valves, check valves, and many others.

Interested in Large-Scale Valve Test Facilities?


Thermo-Hydraulic Platform qualified as test and inspection body