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Pumps must be qualified for standard conditions according to ISO 9906 as well as for accidental conditions such as fast thermal transients or for operation with particle-loaded water following a loss-of-coolant accident (LOCA).

We offer a comprehensive test facility able to perform standard pump performance tests in accordance with ISO 9906 as well as special tests without changing loop components.

For pumps operating in nuclear power plants (NPPs), qualification at the standard conditions defined in ISO 9906 isoften insufficient. Specific conditions such as thermal transients or pump operation with particle-loaded water must be taken into account. Endurance tests must also be performed. The APPEL facility allows maximum flexibility in performing the requested qualifications.


Your Benefits

  • Flexibility: the pump test facility combines standard EN 9906 application and special tests for test cost reduction
  • Extended possibilities with access to the Framatome thermal-hydraulic worldwide platform
  • Reliable test results through accreditation as test and inspection body in accordance with ISO 17025 and 17020, accepted by ILAC


Qualification tests have been performed for:

  • Standard chemical pumps (EN 9906)
  • Single-stage / multi-stage vertical pumps (EN 9906)
  • Low-head safety injection pumps (LHSPs) for EPR reactors (EN 9906, thermal transient and debris tests)
  • Containment heat removal system pumps for EPR reactors (EN 9906, thermal transient and debris tests)
  • LHSPs for other NPPs (EN 9906, thermal transient and debris tests).

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