NSSS engineering and design

Engineering safe and high-performing nuclear steam supply systems (NSSS) requires a significant level of expertise and a design based on advanced technologies and optimized solutions.

Framatome offers these areas of excellence for all new projects. Our services portfolio includes the design of the NSSS main components, scientific code computing and safety analyses. Our teams bring a wealth of experience in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and advanced expertise in safety analyses, probabilistic safety assessment and risk analysis.

Benefit from Framatome’s unique level of know-how due to our vast global experience in the engineering and design of all current types of reactor (PWR, BWR, VVER, CANDU, and more).

  • Main components design

    The Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS) is the heart of a nuclear plant, where steam is produced to drive the turbines that generate electricity. It is an area in which safety and reliability are of critical importance.

    When it comes to the design of the main components of steam supply systems, Framatome is committed to supplying customers with equipment that meets and exceeds the highest safety and quality standards. Despite weighing tens or hundreds of tons, nuclear steam supply systems require precision engineering to within the hundredth of a millimeter. The intense heat and pressure at which a reactor functions also puts huge stress on parts.

    This is why Framatome employs only state-of-the-art equipment and technology to guarantee the quality and competitiveness of all components. Framatome has a wealth of experience having designed main components for all the French fleet and multiple other reactors worldwide.

  • NSSS Engineering Solutions and Services

    For new plants, application of strict regulations, standards, high-quality rules and no delay during construction phase are of most importance in manufacturing of main components such as reactor pressure vessel, steam generator, pressurizer or main coolant pipes.

    Our highly skilled staff located in Framatome’s Saint Marcel facility is able to deliver huge components requiring fine-tuned machining.

    Thanks to our expertise as a designer, to our integrated supply chain and all our industrial facilities having delivered main components for all the French fleet and multiple other reactors worldwide, customers from all designs of reactors will benefit of Framatome’s unique infrastructure for main components manufacturing.

  • Scientific codes computations

    Optimizing your plant through complex modeling - Nuclear plant operators need to predict the complex behaviors of liquids and gases inside their Nuclear System Supply System (NSSS) to optimize and improve performance of their plant.

    Measuring this information during the engineering process is costly and often impossible. Computational modelling is thus necessary by using state-of-the-art computing tools, and realistic geometries and operating conditions.

    Framatome's solutions of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) include complex phenomena such as turbulence and multi-phase chemical reactions, as well as the different ways that fluids and structures interact. Framatome can offer this level of technical excellence thanks to years of experience working in partnership with the finest minds in diverse sectors including power generation, chemical, turbines and rotating machinery industries.

    Benefit from Framatome’s expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics reducing costs and engineering time during the optimization process, reducing product development times and offering more accurate forecasts and predictions—which can optimize plant safety margins.

  • Safety systems design

    All plants have to comply with every new safety standard.

    To help operators to demonstrate full compliance of their plant, Framatome’s experts analyze and assess how plants resist major initiating events, including radiological aspects, probabilistic assessments and hazard analysis. Our safety analyses are designed to validate plant’s preparedness to the regulatory bodies and licensing authorities who ensure the safety of the nuclear industry. Our solution brings evidence for the fulfilment of mandatory requirements, re-assessing existing safety margins.

    Benefit from Framatome’s global footprint and worldwide experience bringing an expertise that covers the full spectrum of safety analysis and from our community and combination of experts who understand the specifics of your plant’s operation and your local regulatory framework.


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