NSSS components manufacturing

Relying on a partner that can provide an integrated industrial chain for the procurement of all major components of your nuclear steam supply systems (NSSS) is key for your project success.

    Framatome designs, manufactures and procures all NSS components with its 3 factories and a wide range of qualified suppliers.
  • Our boiler work factory located in Saint-Marcel is dedicated to heavy components, such as reactor pressure vessels and steam generators, for various reactor designs (RCC-M, ASME).
  • Our Jeumont produces reactor coolant pumps and control rod drive mechanisms.
  • Our Le Creusot shop delivers large nuclear-qualified forged and casted parts.

Benefit from Framatome’s experience of delivering more than 80 reactor pressure vessels, 350 steam generators, and 300 reactor coolant pumps in compliance with the highest safety and quality standards.

  • Reactor coolant pump Solutions

    Primary pumps are key for performance and availability of plants Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS),and are an important safety feature when ensuring primary loop integrity for normal, downgraded or shutdown operating modes.

    Framatome-Jeumont facility develops and manufactures Primary Coolant Pumps, achieved all primary pumps for the French fleet of reactors and is the supplier of choice in China for 3 loops reactors and Hualong reactors – CGN as designer – marketed through a joint venture with Dongfang.

  • Forging, casting and machining of heavy components

    Customers, safety authorities and inspectorate pay particular attention to high-dimensions casted parts composing the pressurized primary loop of the nuclear steam supply system. Strict technical specifications and regulatory rules are applicable.

    Framatome Le Creusot facility proposes one of the few forging and casting facilities worldwide qualified for so highly-complex nuclear plants components: carbon-steel vessel shell ring and vessel bottom head, steam generators, stainless-steel main coolant pipes parts, primary pumps casing and reactor vessel internals.

    Thanks to Le Creusot facility scientific, industrial and quality expertise, customers will benefit of top level technical skills, traceability and transparency.


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