Licensing and commissioning

Getting connected to the grid requires a large amount of tests and a final approval of the Safety Authorities; experienced and skilled partners ease the process.

Framatome supports you in the licensing and commissioning phases, by proposing expertise for training, tests, qualification, inspection, operating technical specifications, documentation, licensing studies, regulatory bodies interface and more.

Benefit from Framatome’s unique experience with safety authorities worldwide for all designs of reactors (PWR, BWR, VVER, CANDU and more).

  • Operating technical specifications, documentation, licensing studies, regulatory bodies interfaces

    Justifying the nuclear steam supply systems (NSSS) design to meet regulatory requirements – In order for a nuclear power plant (NPP) to get approval for operation, nuclear plant operators must demonstrate fulfillment of applicable safety requirements to regulatory authorities.

    Framatome performs studies for the justification and certification of NSSS and their components, and defines tailored licensing study programs (e.g. for mechanical aging issues). Our teams of experienced engineers are familiar with most licensing, qualification and standards compliance requirements forsafety authorities in France (ASN), the USA (NRC), China (NSSA), the UK (ONR) and Finland (STUK) for both PWR and BWR designs.

  • In service inspection

    Asset management of a plant requires a continuous monitoring of major components.

    Framatome offers a complete set of solutions dedicated to In-Service-Inspection (ISI) worldwide, and has developed specific tools and methods for high level examinations. For Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV), for example, which has to be inspected periodically according to safety regulation, Framatome has developed a specific manipulator adapted to all RPV designs and dimensions to perform on-site In Service Inspection (ISI) with specific Non Destructive Examination methods (NDE).

    Framatome In-Service-Inspection enables operators to reduce their risks of assets degradation by capitalizing on the largest references holder of RPV inspections world-wide, complying to RSE-M and ASME codes. Framatome's scalable examination solution can be tailored to meet specific plant operator requirements.

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