Plant performance

Today your nuclear plant faces a wealth of challenges in a marketplace that is subject to increasing regulation and competition from other energy sources. This context drives you to a constant need for performance optimization and control of operational costs – while complying with safety standards.

Framatome is committed to helping every day our customers in several core areas such as flexible operations, performance improvement, and plant availability improvement solutions. We can increase the performance of nuclear plants, whatever the design.

Benefit from Framatome’s experience of working on more than 250 nuclear reactors across the world, which gives us a range of knowledge in best practices and problem solving.

  • Flexible plant operation - Load following

    Adapting electricity production to market demand - Most Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) are currently optimized for Base Load Operation. With the growth of intermittent renewables, grid operators encourage nuclear utilities to operate on a more flexible mode.

    Framatome proposes the widest range of adaptable and proven solutions to fulfill grid requirements while maximizing production and revenues.

    Framatome has supplied nearly 100 Nuclear Power Plants with flexible operation capabilities worldwide, from feasibility studies to implementation. Refueling schedule and resources economics can be significantly improved accordingly.

  • Performance improvement

    Maximizing your plant’s potential - Power uprates offer a means for utilities to increase power from their existing nuclear plants, harnessing the extra margin built-in to many plants, while maintaining the highest level of safety.

    Framatome offers the full range of solutions from Measurement Uncertainty Recapture (MUR) power uprates to Extended Power Uprates (EPU). Framatome is uniquely positioned to perform and integrate Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS) engineering and modifications with Balance of Plant. Our solution focuses on delivering requested power uprate while maximizing margin retention and providing certainty on cost and schedule.

    Framatome innovative and scalable Power Uprate solution enables additional power increase from less than 2% (MUR) to as much as 20% (EPU).

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