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You expect solutions and services that ease the management of your operations every day, delivered in a simplified way.

Framatome provides you with a complete suite of people, performance, and technology for the nuclear steam supply system and beyond, working in concert to help you successfully orchestrate your plant’s management plans. We propose a wide range of innovative solutions and services in operation, including chemistry and radiochemistry services, modular remote monitoring, training solutions, and instrumentation and control services.

Benefit from Framatome’s leadership, combined with our expert technology, to provide reliable and proven solutions and services.

  • Chemistry, water chemistry and Radiochemistry Services

    Controlling the chemistry of the coolants of nuclear reactors is vital for reactor control as well as for the integrity of the systems. Chemical cleaning also improves Steam generator efficiency with limited corrosion and environmental impacts - Optimal steam generator condition is a key enabler for plant performance and availability, plant safety and long-term operation.

    Framatome offers Deposit Minimization Treatment (DMT) and Waste Treatment for steam generator deposit removal. The chemical cleaning process removes deposits from the steam generator and the waste treatment process results in clean water and solid iron oxides.. Integrated waste treatment reduces environmental impact: zero chemical waste. Each DMT application rejuvenates the steam generator with very low corrosion impact.

    Framatome steam generator chemical cleaning technology has no impact on outage duration.

  • Online data monitoring  and diagnostics systems (including aging monitoring)

    Monitor critical systems remotely to improve operating capacities while reducing Operating & Maintenance (O&M) costs - Remote monitoring of critical systems, components and parameters is key for plant performance and for maintenance costs optimization.

    Framatome patented Modular Remote Monitoring Systems (MRMS) provide cost-effective, non-intrusive real-time monitoring.

    A flexible open architecture is proposed for a large number of different applications supported on one wireless backbone (e.g. rotating machinery remote monitoring) fully adapted to the nuclear context. MRMS comply with cyber security control IAW 10 CFR 73.54.

    Framatome MRMS increase reliability and efficiency of plant equipment and security. MRMS reduces overall O&M costs thanks to less manual measurements and checks.

  • Training, Human Factors and Simulator Solutions for Nuclear Personnel

    Nuclear plant personnel must be highly trained for all scenarios during outages and normal operation.

    As an experienced training provider, Framatome proposes state-of-the-art training for your plan staff far beyond the standard training, and a large catalog of courses that focus on the physical phenomena, systems interactions, scenario approaches, and risk mitigation during normal operation or shutdown.

    Training courses have been performed extensively for employees from the nuclear industry, as well as for safety authorities, by recognized worldwide experts in safety, neutronics, thermohydraulics and systems. Moreover today’s simulation technologies today provide a virtual view of the dynamic behavior of complex systems in their full operating range and changing conditions.

    As many as 180 new power plant full-scope simulators have been delivered over the last 25 years by CORYS, a Framatome subsidiary bringing our customers a wealth of experience in simulators and training.

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