Outage services – Maintenance

You can prevent risk of technical issues causing delays and drift of outage costs by relying on experienced teams with a wealth of expertise.

Framatome’s highly-skilled teams deploy proven, innovative technologies and solutions backed by service-proven knowledge of utilities’ objectives for reactor maintenance, inspections, fuel reloading operations, and outage management optimization. Our solutions ensure our customers avoid costly outages and outage extensions.

Benefit from Framatome’s experience conducting more than 110 outages per year on nearly all types of reactors worldwide.

  • In service inspection (ISI)

    Asset management of a plant requires a continuous monitoring of major components.

    Framatome offers a complete set of solutions dedicated to In-Service-Inspection (ISI) worldwide, and has developed specific tools and methods for high level examinations. For Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV), for example, which has to be inspected periodically according to safety regulation, Framatome has developed a specific manipulator adapted to all RPV designs and dimensions to perform on-site In Service Inspection (ISI) with specific Non Destructive Examination methods (NDE).

    Framatome In-Service-Inspection enables operators to reduce their risks of assets degradation by capitalizing on the largest references holder of RPV inspections world-wide, complying to RSE-M and ASME codes. Framatome's scalable examination solution can be tailored to meet specific plant operator requirements.

  • Reactor Pressure Vessel, RPV Internals and Reactor Cavity Solutions

    The reactor pressure vessel (RPV) with its internals is the heart of each nuclear power plant (NPP). Any inspection, intervention, repair or replacement must be executed with the highest level of accuracy and competence to guarantee a safe and reliable operation during its entire lifetime.

    A good example of Framatome's RPV internals services is the advanced Bafflebolt inspection and replacement approach. To maintain safety at the highest level, visual and ultrasonic testing inspection of baffle bolts is required and defective baffle bolts must be replaced. Framatome offers Nuclear Power Plants Operators a “roadmap” for baffle-to-former bolt evaluation and replacement. It includes risk-based modeling, award-winning inspection capabilities and extensive replacement experience.

    Get the most efficient baffle-bolts replacement solution achieving 10-20 bolts replacements per day thanks to a focused advanced approach.

  • Surface protection and treatment - FFA

    Protecting component surfaces from corrosion is key for Plant Maintenance efficiency. Iron corrosion risk can be reduced while optimizing workload and duration of outage – During outages, especially when they are long, the secondary system of PWRs and PHWRs is subject to iron corrosion. The challenge for operators is to minimize the corrosion of the component surfaces.

    Film Forming Amines (FFA) is a tested and proven solution of Framatome to protect metal surface. With a protective layer, it limits corrosion, even in the event of extended outages, with no secondary lay-up work required during the outage itself. FFA also improves the performance of the secondary system during the next cycle as it increases steam generator pressure. It also reduces future maintenance work for steam generators.

  • Maintenance and processes optimization, outage management

    Increase the availability and the competitiveness of your Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) by optimizing the quality and duration of the plant outage activities - Well-adapted contingency planning and qualified resources for emerging issues are required to avoid expensive delays during outages.

    Based on its worldwide experience, Framatome has built a comprehensive and systematic Outage Optimization appoach to support NPPs of all designs (PWR, BWR, PHWR) for improving outage performance and generating savings.

    Combining our customers’ and Framatome’s resources into joint teams, we engineer the work schedule well in advance; we plan task performance and prepare together for any ad-hoc needs. Framatome's Outage Services teams help reduce outage costs by applying advanced procedures and maintenance concepts while increasing reliability of the plant. Emergent work can be thus managed more rapidly.

    Benefit from Framatome’s more than 50 years of international experience, working with 250 reactors of all technologies and designs, to improve your plant’s competitiveness.

  • Loose Part and Foreign Object Exclusion Solutions – FOSAR

    Increase plant availability by reducing risk of Steam Generator damage while reducing costs - Strict adherence to Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) programs reduces the risk of foreign objects introduction into the secondary water circulation system. Depending on rare remaining foreign objects’ size, shape, material, weight, there is a potential risk of tube degradation and fretting.

    The integrity of the tube safety barrier between the nuclear primary and secondary system must be maintained at the required level. Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR) of the secondary system finds and removes foreign objects from the steam generators and speeds up plant restart. Our teams support plant operator with additional related services such as tube sheet condition mapping, analysis of any findings and risk evaluation. Framatome’s FOSAR service increases plant availability by reducing risk of steam generator damage while reducing costs and outage duration.

    Benefit from Framatome qualified personal and equipment to efficiently react in emergent situations.

  • I&C services

    A reliable long-term support of instrumentation and control systems is key for a safe and economic operation of nuclear power plants.

    Therefore, we keep a close eye on the entire life-cycle of instrumentation and control solutions. Our specialists ensure long-term operation with services that go far beyond the standard scope.

    From obsolescence management to reverse engineering with us, your plant is in the best of hands for the long run.


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