Fuel services

Plant operators need fuel after-sales services to achieve the greatest value from the core.

Framatome’s service engineers support you when taking delivery of fuels and during reloading activities, after stringent quality inspections. We also offer consultation and support for flexible fuel cycle solutions, customer training and the development of special tools for fuel inspection and repair, such as mast-sipping.

Benefit from Framatome’s experience, gained over more than 30 years of working in fuel supply for a variety of reactors as well as from our experienced personnel for inspection measurements and repair.

  • Fuel Services: core and reloading activities including mast sipping

    Fuel services and associated loading activities are of major importance for plants outages activities and are most of the time on the critical path.

    Framatome has developed a full range of solutions dedicated to nuclear core, fuel assemblies and fuel components. These solutions are tailored to support nuclear stakeholders and power plants all along their plant-life-cycle operations with the aim of increasing performance and margins, reducing costs and efforts, and providing duly support to manage safety and reliability accordingly to the most stringent regulations.

    Framatome provides numerous advanced engineering services and field services dedicated to PWR and BWR reactors. This offer covers engineering and field support to operations in ensuring services and/or supplying dedicated means for refueling and outage, field support as inspection campaign for current Fuel assembly or Lead test assembly, support to spent fuel and spent fuel pool management, support for interim and final storage, and enhancement services and programs such as R&D, expertise on fuel activity encompassing fuel assembly manufacturing.

  • Fuel and core analyses / calculation / codes

    The present evolution of fuel assembly and core designs towards greater heterogeneity, higher enrichments and burnup, sophisticated Gadolinium designs, combined Uranium and MOX loading, low leakage, and power up rates imply great challenges to the codes and methods development. Energy suppliers are strongly interested in an accurate prediction of the capabilities and behaviors of their reactors.

    For example, the inability to accurately predict thermal limit margins during reactor start-ups or the onset of reactor coast down at the end of cycle can significantly impact their ability to fulfill their power generation targets and, ultimately, impacts the power generation revenues.

    Anticipating customer’s needs for the future, Framatome is at the cutting edge at the state-of-the-art in nuclear methods: Large Research and Development programs have been launched to prepare the next generation of codes and methods (ARCADIA, GALILEO, ARGOS, AREA, ARITA) capable to handle the challenges in fuel assembly design, core design, safety analysis and core monitoring. Those developments are now mature and are being rolled out for the benefits of our customers.


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