Safety in operation

You have to demonstrate that your plant’s systems and functions are fulfilling the requirements of safety authorities.

Framatome provides safety analysis solutions to support you when reviewing your design requirements, including customer training. We also provide emergency preparedness, including emergency power supply, radioprotection, and fire protection solutions and expertise. In addition, we either propose safety system upgrades or demonstrate that the current design meets all new requirements.

You benefit from Framatome’s community of safety experts worldwide and from our vast experience covering the reactor cycle on a large part of the world’s nuclear fleet.

  • Support to safety review (including seismic assessments)

    Periodic Safety Reviews are required to ensure continuous plant operability and improve safety. Anticipating regulation changes and optimizing on-site modifications are fundamental for continuous operation.

    Holding the largest references worldwide, Framatome supports all type of reactor designs in performing with periodic safety reviews and defining specific programs with the operator.

    Framatome’s Periodic Safety Review solution helps you anticipate any necessary modifications, better manage your investments and ensure safe and profitable plant operation on the long run.

  • Safety analyses and engineering, safety case, PSA

    Plants operators need full-scope safety analyses linked to more and more topics: regulatory requirements, long-term operation (LTO), new procedures, plant optimization and upgrades.

    Based on its worldwide experience in engineering and modifications implementation, Framatome provides Safety Analyses to support safety demonstrations and assessment for all type of designs (PWR, BWR, PHWR) and all safety related engineering fields. Using its proven know-how, Framatome supports you in implementing design modifications and changes, fulfilling safety requirements set by national safety authorities, while always proposing proactively innovative approach to optimize time and costs.

    Framatome helps reassess existing safety margins with solutions that improve events prevention and mitigation. Effects of plant modifications can be determined precisely.

  • Fire protection

    Nuclear Power Plant operators need increasingly more fire protection analyses and assessments linked to new regulatory requirements.

    Our 3D CFD versatile solution is designed for any type of building and for the most complex scenarios. The solution includes safety & hazard analysis, 3D fire modeling and safety file setup. It allows NPP operators to fully optimize their investment while ensuring the highest level of safety.

    Leveraging our vast engineering experience, Framatome’s reliable and approved 3D CFD engineering approach limits expensive upgrade work, while ensuring the highest level of safety level for your plant. Plant fire emergency plan efficiency is increased.

  • Emergency preparedness and severe accident conditions solutions

    Emergency preparedness of Nuclear Power plants is a priority for all Operators. In case of loss of off-site power, Emergency Generators are critical to nuclear power plant safety as they provide the back-up power for extended periods of time.

    With a modular Diesel Generator concept and its own optimized I&C and Electrical Systems, Framatome offers customized solutions, ensuring the highest safety level while optimizing investments needs. Our solutions encompass advanced functionalities: condition monitoring, improved diesel test run performance, quick trouble shooting.

    Based upon the experience of 300 Emergency Diesel Generators (EDG) installed worldwide, Framatome EDG solutions enable Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) to select the best-fit equipment, particularly when diversity of equipment is required. This customized solution contributes to NPPs investment & maintenance costs optimization thanks to advanced integrated functionalities.

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