Long-term operation

In order to optimize your asset, you can decide to run your plant beyond its designated lifetime. This decision is based first on safety and then on competitveness.

Framatome works closely with you on your plant’s long-term operation strategy, covering systems, components and functions relicensing, reassessing, and upgrading. Our solutions include instrumentation and control, studies and expertise, interactions with regulatory bodies, and the management of major equipment aging.

Benefit from Framatome’s deep knowledge of the nuclear industry and track record of working with partners from around two-thirds of the world’s nuclear fleet.

  • I&C systems from modernization to support

    Extending the service life of aging instrumentation and control systems brings its own set of challenges. Needless to say, financial considerations come into play. Discontinued spare parts and no access to the intellectual property of obsolete electronic printed circuit boards bring their share of issues. Incorporating the latest safety requirements can also be quite challenging and costly with an aging system.

    Framatome modernizes instrumentation and control systems to meet customers’ specific requirements.

    Our solutions integrate seamlessly into existing systems. Proven, state-of-the-art technology saves costs and extends the life-cycle of nuclear power plants.

  • Lifetime management

    NPP long term operation requires measures to evaluate and eliminate risks for plant safety and availability Plant life management programs are required.

    Framatome’s plant lifetime management solutions help to optimize LTO program through detailed evaluation of ageing effects and an efficient forecasting of replacement needs.

    The implementation of LTO programs is based on strategic planning capabilities combined with an in-depth nuclear engineering knowledge to ensure an optimum scope of monitoring, inspection, periodic testing in combination with specific maintenance strategies and obsolescence management.

    Framatome’s plant lifetime management solutions provide efficient strategies for safe, reliable and economic long term operation (LTO) of your plant. We offer proven experience on all reactor design (PWR, BWR, PHWR) in the field of engineering, maintenance and conception (PWR, BWR). With advanced montoring and diagnostics, Framatome’s solution helps to optimize maintenance strategies.


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