Aging management

When moving into long-term operation, you expect to maintain excellence in safety and efficiency of your plants. You thus need to address aging issues.

Framatome’s aging and fatigue management solutions focus on safety and safety-relevant components and support the license-renewal process. We provide solutions from monitoring to diagnostics: material and equipment analyses from our technical centers and maintenance program optimization. We deliver mitigation solutions, like cavitation peening. We also monitor plant cycle impacts, such as condition oriented maintenance systems.

Benefit from Framatome’s unique, complete aging management and fatigue monitoring solutions and from our community of experts in our technical centers worldwide.

  • Alloy 600 activities

    Key components of the primary system Reactor Pressure Vessel made of Alloy 600 and welded with its sister filler materials Alloy 82/182 are highly susceptible to Primary Water Stress Corrosion Cracking (PWSCC). PWSCC is caused by a combination of three factors: a susceptible material, a corrosive environment and tensile stresses.

    Framatome offers Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Cavitation Peening to protect the Reactor Pressure Vessel Head, Primary Circuit and Bottom-Mounted Nozzles against surface-induced PWSCC. UHP helps mitigate the risk of occurrence of PWSCC for the remaining life of the plant.

    It enables cost efficiency and lower outage impact compared to traditional repair methods without risk of damaging the primary circuit components. Frequency of Non-Destructive Examination inspections can be also reduced.

  • Aging / fatigue / corrosion / cracks

    The nuclear fleet worldwide is deploying Long Term Operations (LTO) programs and license renewal processes.

    Framatome‘s Advanced Fatigue Solution (AFS) optimizes the operational lifetime of components thanks to the combination of the unique, high-accuracy local load monitoring system FAMOSi with graded fatigue assessment methods for utmost efficiency in resolving fatigue issues.

    Framatome’s AFS solution reduces the risk of equipment damage, optimizes the cost of component replacement, ensures availability of components and contributes to operational efficiency.

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