Asset management

You have special asset management demands, given the level of safety, profitability, reliability, and regulatory requirements you face.

At Famatome, we keep production and service time at a high level through unique solutions such as obsolescence strategies like procurement engineering, re-engineering, and large-component or main equipment asset management (repair vs replacement). We also deliver analyses of all effects leading to the limitation of the lifetime of equipment, such as accelerated aging or efficiency reduction.

Benefit from Framatome’s deep knowledge of large components and our focus on your total cost of ownership.

  • Asset management of main components

    Operators need to manage plant assets, in particular main components and major equipment. The preferred solution is repair in-situ rather than replacement, a costly and burdensome issue that could potentially reduce the life of the asset.

    Framatome proposes dedicated repair solutions to keep main components and major equipment at their designed nominal performance.

    For example, our AVARIS In-Situ valve seat repair solution. This solution keeps plant system integrity by not cutting out valve body and minimizes intervention time compared to off-site repair.

  • Long Term Spare Part Supply and Obsolescence Management

    The Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) fleet is more and more deploying long term operations programs. As part of these programs, possible obsolescence of NPPs systems and components must be managed.

    Framatome proactive obsolescence management program evaluates and offers optimal customized obsolescence solutions to plant operators such as procurement engineering, cross-qualification, commercial grade dedication and re-engineering for all kind of components or systems in a nuclear power plant.

    Framatome offers a comprehensive parts replacement system with identification of potential suppliers and warehouse stocks. This obsolescence management system includes stock management, supply forecast and warnings, as well as technical advisory services for pieces that are not on the market anymore. It ensures availability of qualified products and spare parts for obsolete components on time.

    Framatome's proactive obsolescence management reduces the risk of plant downtime due to aging issues. It keeps production and service time at a high level and cost savings can be generated thanks to strategic spare parts stock management. Our solution is fully adapted to plant conditions and operators specifications.

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