We make this pledge because at Framatome we are dedicated to fulfilling our promise, and this commitment drives our actions.

Every day we rank safety and security as our top priorities. For us and our customers, doing the right thing is our responsibility at all times. There is no room for compromise.

When we think of solutions, we focus on the value we bring to our customers. Delivering timely and sound solutions to meet the highest quality standards is our commitment. We strive each and every day to improve our operational excellence to serve their performance.

More than ever, our customers are looking for safe, competitive and technological cutting-edge solutions. Every day we draw on our industry recognized expertise to meet their needs—anticipating all the potential challenges of our industry. Our expertise is our reason to be.

Finally, being proactive and agile also drives performance. Thanks to our global presence—working with nearly two-thirds of the world’s nuclear plants—Framatome has the capability to mobilize the most experienced people in their fields from around the world to help our customers find pragmatic solutions to the challenges encountered on-site.

By listening to what our customers have to say, we strive on a daily basis to strengthen the trust they have put in our people and technologies for safe and competitive nuclear power plants worldwide. Not just for today, but for every day.

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New plant

For your new build project, improve safety and efficiency with our NSSS design

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Plant’s Long-term Operation

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