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As a leading supplier of refueling services at multiple sites around the country, Framatome teams with customers to achieve outage results that exceed expectations. In fact, we have worked on more than 110 outages at virtually every type of plant site and reactor.

Framatome uses a teaming approach that is vital to the industry’s success and reflects our commitment to operational excellence for each customer. And our commitment to carbon-free, safe nuclear energy for future generations of Americans. Framatome's global resources become your resources. That means we listen to your concerns. We invest heavily in training and technology to address those concerns. And we stay in touch with your challenges regarding INPO ratings, outage performance, dose reduction, and ultimately, megawatt production when you need it most. Before, during and after your outage, we live, breathe and sleep teamwork, experience (providing and developing the qualified workforce you deserve), and custom technology. It all adds up to predictable outages, a focus on continuous improvement and lessons learned, safety as a top priority, and training to stay razor sharp. We realize you have a mountain to climb. Framatome promises that the challenging tasks are not insurmountable. With mutual respect and trust, we can pursue outage results together that become a paradigm for the industry.

We rise or fall based on the success of our customers. As the world’s leading supplier of outage services, Framatome carefully observes, learns and listens as you identify where we can strengthen our technological performance. We always work closely with your teams to achieve specific refueling and outage goals together. The result? Framatome has a long track record of customized technology and rapid deployment of innovative solutions — and many are now industry standards. Performance and predictability? We can do that.


Scott Kese

Business Development Manager, Outage Services

Tel: 434.832.3729

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