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The Technical Training Center is an advanced training center aimed at meeting the growing nuclear site maintenance needs in the United States.

Located in Lynchburg, Va., Framatome's Technical Training Center extends over 3.5 acres, with classrooms, offices, and full-size mock-ups of steam generators, reactor vessels, and other major components of nuclear power plants. Technicians receive hands-on training for plant-specific configurations and new procedures in a safe, realistic environment that is more conducive to learning and sharing information.

The facility also boasts a reactor pit filled with water and a fuel-handling crane for pressurized water reactors (PWR) and boiling water reactors (BWR). This equipment enables operator training in handling wet fuel.

Along with its mission to train Framatome's North American outage workers and employees, the Technical Training Center also provides training in American standards for our technicians from France and Germany.

Workforce development is another goal of the facility through its association with Central Virginia Community College, aiming to create a certified training degree program.

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