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Framatome has developed, qualified, and deployed tooling and processes to support the current and future needs of BWR Control Rod Drive (CRD) Housing repairs. We worked with EPRI to develop the standard BWRVIP-58A repair for CRD housings and the tooling to implement the CRD housing repair design geometries. In addition, we designed the repair based on its experience with PWR head penetrations utilizing code case N-638.

The CRD Housing repair addresses the high tensile stresses through innovative weld joint design. Internal Access Weld Repair replaces the load carrying capability of the CRD housing to stub tube J-weld, and provides a seal to prevent leakage from the RV. Framatome now offers three basic repair designs: the standard BWRVIP-58 repair, a modified BWRVIP-58 repair based on Code Case N-638, and complete CRD Housing Replacement. Repair design optimizes schedule and dose considerations for the final repair and provides a permanent solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Permanent weld repair
  • Complete CRD Housing replacement option
  • Repair performed from under vessel
  • Optimized for schedule / dose
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