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Innovative, Simple Design Mitigates a Complex Problem

Repair solutions to prevent wear on your feedwater sparger

Recent industry events show that vibration has caused wear on the feedwater sparger end bracket and pin. Framatome's innovative repair restores the assembly to allow thermal growth of the feedwater sparger. Our repair provides a new bearing surface 20x greater than the original pin to reduce additional wear. The installation is performed without having to remove the existing pin and can be installed in less than one shift.

Installation Process

  1. Raise the pin out of worn counter-bore and position new hardware on the head of the existing pin
  2. Insert the engaging feature into the hole in the head of the existing pin
  3. Tension the repair hardware to capture the engagement feature
  4. Lock the assembly in place with a crimp cup


Features & Benefits

  • Prevents damage to feedwater sparger
  • Increases bearing surface by a factor of 20
  • Installs in less than one shift
  • No removal or modifications to existing hardware
  • Faster, easier to install than other repair methods
  • Designed for Life-of-Plant
  • Remote installation - no divers required
  • Proven performance


>> Two repairs installed at a U.S. utility in Spring 2014 without issue

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