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Half Nozzle Repairs

Eliminates Alloy 600 from service and implements a permanent solution for continued BMN integrity

Framatome has performed numerous Half Nozzle Repairs in the industry for both in PWRs and BWRs. Using a well-known technique with field-proven technology, we address Alloy 600 PWSCC degradation issues for pressurizer heater sleeves, bottom mounted nozzles (BMNs), and instrument nozzles – and the repair can be easily adapted to other nozzles in the fleet.

Bottom Mounted Nozzles

Framatome is the only vendor in the U.S. market to perform BMN repairs – at South Texas in 2003 and Palo Verde in 2013.  Our robust, field-proven technology and in-depth experience with ambient temperature temper bead GTAW Alloy 52/52M weld pads make us the right choice to support your needs. Our breadth of knowledge and turnkey solutions with a focus on first-time quality give you the most efficient response to your critical path, emergent repair needs.

Nearly 60 US plants have the potential for PWSCC on their BMNs. Framatome’s proven half nozzle repair approach eliminates all Alloy 600 from service and implements a permanent solution for continued BMN integrity.  We can perform BMN half nozzle repairs with the RV in a flooded condition, reducing radiation exposure and impact to your outage schedule.

2014 NEI Process TIP Award

Palo Verde (Arizona Public Service) was recognized as a recipient of a 2014 NEI Maintenance TIP Award for the emergent BMN repair performed with Framatome (formerly AREVA). This challenging and complex repair, with many first-of-a-kind aspects, was completed in only 32 days from issue discovery, far less time that the 72 days required for a comparable industry repair in 2003.  The results highlight our commitment to the industry with zero safety incidents, human performance issues, PCEs, or FME issues.

Features & Benefits

  • Only vendor in the U.S. market to perform BMN repairs
  • All-in-one source saves time and enhances efficiency
  • Field-proven, robust technology enhances reliability
  • Full in-house NDE organization supports your needs
  • Full in-house engineering supports your needs
  • Remote capabilities reduce costs, risks, time, and dose
  • In-depth knowledge and robust experience with ambient temperature temper bead Alloy 52/52M weld pads
  • Does not require pre-weld or post-weld heat treatment
  • ASME Code and industry experts support your regulatory & licensing needs
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