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High Deposition Welding

Deposition Rates 8-15 Times Faster than Conventional Weld Techniques

Our advanced high deposition welding system addresses the need for increased filler metal deposition rates for large diameter weld overlay projects. These include Reactor Vessel Primary Nozzles and additional susceptible Dissimilar Metal Weld configurations on steam generator (SG) and reactor coolant pump (RCP) inlet and outlet nozzles.

Reliably and Efficiently Solving Your Welding Challenges

As the industry moves into the next phase of Alloy 600 mitigation, solutions have been developed for implementation to support our customers’ goals, which focus on life-of-plant reliability and efficient outage execution. Existing welding approaches did not match up to the challenge due to low weld filler deposition rates that resulted in extended schedules and increased labor cost. By utilizing Framatome’s optimal high deposition welding solution, our customers will realize the benefits of reduced schedule impacts and minimized crew sizes, while avoiding conflicts with parallel work activities. These advanced welding techniques (which utilize a dual hot/cold wire) significantly increase real-time deposition rates.

To further optimize the solution, we utilize dual weld heads on each weld track which features this advanced process. The front-end design is based on tooling that has been used extensively on weld overlay tasks implemented at PWR and BWR units, as well as narrow groove welding of large-diameter primary piping.

Features & Benefits

  • High deposition welding for large overlays
  • Dual Wire GTAW—readily adaptable now
  • All position capability
  • Deposition rates 8-15 times faster vs. conventional GTAW
  • High deposition with first-time quality
  • Field Proven in multiple deployments
  • Tooling readily adaptable for other applications
  • Auxiliary shielding
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Video — High Deposition Welding in Action
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