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Taking the guesswork out of RV and RV head flange inspection and repair

Framatome‘s laser reactor vessel (RV) & RV head flange inspection technology is a proven technology with more than 20 deployments in Europe – and a recent deployment in the U.S. This innovative tool reveals imperfections that do not meet sealing surface criteria and identifies existing and potential leak paths in operating plants. Our team can then repair the flange surface via our welding and machining processes.

Using the advanced Laser RV and RV Head inspection tool, Framatome's team of metrology experts conducts a comparative analysis of the flange contact areas relative to the surrounding surface for changes in elevation. The reactor vessel scan reveals existing leak paths and other potential leak paths. Using these inspection results, We can recommended repair options. Indications identified for repair can be addressed by weld build-up, machining, and honing.

The first deployment in the U.S. was recognized by the nuclear industry for its flawless execution. This first-of-a-kind flange inspection project was completed:

  • Ahead of schedule, resulting in minimal impact to critical path
  • Under dose
  • With ZERO safety issues

Features & Benefits

  • Proven flaw mapping technology
  • Provides length, width, depth, and azimuthal location of indications
  • Saves time, dose and cost
  • Can set threshold to match inspection requirements
  • Mitigates risk to your plant’s components
  • Remote scanning
  • Provides a permanent record of sealing surface condition
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