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Alloy 600 Integrated Materials Degradation Solutions<br>

Comprehensive repair technologies

From weld overlays to machining services, from our industry-best tooling to material remediation and virtually all types of repairs for components and internals, Framatome has everything you need. We provide timely solutions backed by the latest global research.

  • Mini-ID Temper Bead (IDTB) for Bottom-Mounted Nozzle (BMN) & Pressurizer Heater Nozzle Integrity
  • Comprehensive Repair Technology (from Weld Overlays and Inlays to Machining Technology)
  • Remote-Controlled In-Pipe Manipulators
  • High-Deposition Welding for Reduced Overlay Schedules
  • Welding & Engineered Machining Services
  • Tooling for a Variety of PWR and BWR Repair Services
    • RV Head Repairs and Modifications
    • Small Bore Nozzle Repairs (over 600 nozzle repairs performed to date)
    • Bolting Inspection and Replacement
    • Incore Guide Tube Repair


  • Bottom Mounted Instrumentation Nozzles
  • Branch Connection Welds
  • Core Flood
  • Hot Leg / Cold Leg
  • Pressurizer
  • Pressurizer Heater (IDTB)
  • Reactor Coolant Pumps
  • Reactor Vessel Head Penetration Nozzles
  • Reactor Vessel Heads (IDTB)
  • Reactor Vessel Primary Nozzles
  • Small Bore Nozzles (Mini-IDTB)
  • Steam Generator Bowl Drains

Features & Benefits:

  • Offering the broadest range of experience combined with the latest technology for dependable performance and reliability.
  • Validity of our repair processes has been acknowledged by the NRC, ensuring that all of your tasks conform to the ASME code and regulatory standards.
  • Your outage schedule is safe with our high-quality services and fully-qualified tooling.
  • Personnel dose rates, inspection time, and repair duration are substantially minimized by utilizing remotely controlled operations.
  • Complete engineering analyses help tailor optimum solutions for your specific needs, while ensuring compliance with ASME standards and NRC safety analysis requirements.
  • You have our assurance of thorough testing and qualification of tools on full-sized mockups – prior to arrival on site.

We can bundle your services to maximize value or provide stand-alone options

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