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Integrated Head Assembly<br>

Improved safety features, reduced dose and schedule

IHAs, fabricated and installed by Framatome, are customized for Westinghouse, Combustion Engineering (CE), or B&W designs. Plants using IHAs have realized outage reductions of up to six critical path days, as well as dose reductions of three-to-four person REM per outage. Our design includes improved safety features, as well as features that eliminate most of the polar crane picks, leading to far fewer critical path operations. Shielded access doors around the lower shroud allow for open inspection access to both RVH and CRDM penetrations. This enables you to compress outage schedules and get your plant reconnected to the grid in a shorter period of time. We supply IHAs and service structure mods to major U.S. and international customers, installing them with new RVHs, CRDMs, cables and insulation – all on or ahead of schedule.

Proven Design Advantages of the IHA

  • Folding Batwings
  • Improvements to Head Vent Routing and Connections
  • Integrated Shielded Work Platform
  • Improvements to CCW Line Connections
  • Integrated or Rolling Missile Shield
  • Integrated Shielding
  • Integral Fans and Ductwork
  • Dome and L-Panel Metal Reflective Insulation

Our IHA design eases access to vital reactor vessel head components and lowers maintenance time.  A CRDM cooling system, head area cable system, reactor head vent piping and integral work platforms, ladders and removable access panels are all incorporated into the IHA.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduction of up to six critical path outage days
  • Design addresses main barriers to reduced outage schedules
  • Dose reduction of three-to-four person REM per outage
  • Framatome's IHA design achieves the lowest personnel exposure in the industry for an RVH replacement
  • IHA installation performed within a normal refueling outage schedule
  • IHA design includes improved safety features

Highlights of the AREVA Repair Process

• Thermal Sleeve Removal (If Applicable)

• Roll Nozzle in Repair Region

• Machine Weld Prep & PT Weld Area

• Perform Ambient Temperature Temper Bead Structural Weld

• Prepare Welded Surface For NDE

• Perform Post-Repair UT & PT

• Remediate Rolled and Repaired Areas

• Install Replacement Thermal Sleeve (If Required)

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