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Pressurizer Heater Repair/Replacement

Leader in U.S. for stuck or damaged heater removal

With more than four decades of emergent repair experience, Framatome can safely and effectively replace or repair your damaged pressurizer heaters — and protect the integrity of your plant.

Utilities seek to mitigate their schedule and risk associated with failed heater damage by implementing contingency plans to address long-lead tasks. These plans include engineering, hardware, and tooling. A proactive approach maintains outage predictability and addresses TB-11-8 recommendations for removal and replacement of non-functioning pressurizer heaters. We offer an “a la carte” approach to contingency planning and implementation for customers based on risk and cost.

Features & Benefits

Solution 1 – Replace your failed heater with a new heater (like-for-like replacement)

  • No analysis
  • Minimal schedule impact
  • Permanent solution
  • Minimal contingency planning required
  • No future unplanned costs

Solution 2 – Cap/plug your heater sleeve

  • Customer has the documents required to install a plug or heater
  • “Planned” contingency approach is less expensive than emergent
  • Deliverables can be used during subsequent heater replacement campaign(s)
  • Plug resolves heater failure without having to install a heater
  • Minimal schedule impact
  • Magnesium oxide drilling
  • Hydraulic puller

Highlights of the AREVA Repair Process

• Thermal Sleeve Removal (If Applicable)

• Roll Nozzle in Repair Region

• Machine Weld Prep & PT Weld Area

• Perform Ambient Temperature Temper Bead Structural Weld

• Prepare Welded Surface For NDE

• Perform Post-Repair UT & PT

• Remediate Rolled and Repaired Areas

• Install Replacement Thermal Sleeve (If Required)

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