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In today’s shifting market, utilities want single-source vendors who can provide innovative as well as integrated BWR solutions. From BOP work to engineering, enhanced fuel performance to outage optimization, and exclusive technologies that address root causes rather than just symptoms, Framatome invests to provide cost-effective strategies that address your specific plant priorities. Our strong culture of lessons learned implements only the highest standards of safety, quality, performance and delivery for BWRs. Let Framatome help you take control of your BWR repair and replacement needs.

Core Shroud Repair

Circumferential weld repairs / tie rod repairs

Core Shroud Replacement

Design, fabrication, removal, installation & disposal of core shrouds

Core Spray Pipe Repair & Replacement

AREVA NP has invested to deliver proven, comprehensive solutions

Control Rod Drive Housing Repair

Stop leaks before they compromise the integrity of your plant

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Innovative, customized solutions to your machining challenges

Feedwater Sparger End Pin Repair

Solutions to prevent wear on feedwater sparger end pins

Half Nozzle Repair

Eliminates Alloy 600 from service and implements a permanent solution for continued BMN integrity.

High Deposition Welding

Deposition Rates 8-15 Times Faster than Conventional Weld Techniques

Jet Pump Repairs

Jet Pump Flow Control Collar Prevents Flow-Induced Vibration (FIV)

Nozzle Overlays

Nozzle Overlays

RV & RV Head Flange Inspection & Repair

Taking the guesswork out of RV and RV head flange inspection and repair

Steam Dryer Repair/Upgrade

Experienced in performing underwater weld repairs on steam dryers