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Today’s nuclear plants are clearly focused on safety, reliability and top performance. At Framatome, we are delivering solutions to help customers navigate the best path to reach their goals.

As the fundamental element of plant operations, your instrumentation and control (I&C) system is the backbone to plant modernizations and new plant construction. Currently, many analog I&C suppliers are not supporting the installed base, at a time when utilities need better I&C performance. More than 90% of the nuclear industry is pursuing or has already received plant life extension.

 The key question for the next 20-plus years is how do we replace the aging controls systems while enhancing plant safety, maximizing plant availability, improving plant performance, ensuring a good return on our investment, providing a reliable availability of spare parts and obtaining regulatory compliance.

The answer is by applying digital technology to the nuclear industry, we are able to address obsolescence while also improving plant reliability.

I&C solutions: from design to installation, digitalization and simulators