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Today’s nuclear plants are clearly focused on safety, reliability and top performance. At Framatome, we are delivering solutions to help customers navigate the best path to reach their goals.

As the fundamental element of plant operations, your instrumentation and control (I&C) system is the backbone to plant modernizations and new plant construction. Currently, many analog I&C suppliers are not supporting the installed base, at a time when utilities need better I&C performance. More than 90% of the nuclear industry is pursuing or has already received plant life extension.

The key question for the next 20-plus years is how do we replace the aging controls systems while enhancing plant safety, maximizing plant availability, improving plant performance, ensuring a good return on our investment, providing a reliable availability of spare parts and obtaining regulatory compliance.

The answer is by applying digital technology to the nuclear industry, we are able to address obsolescence while also improving plant reliability.

  • Digital Upgrade


    With TELEPERM® XS (TXS), Framatome is your passport to digital success drawing upon our more than 10 years of global nuclear operational experience. Worldwide, customers at 59 units have implemented or ordered TELEPERM® XS for 36 sites, in 14 countries, and for 10 different reactor supplier types. Now, the U.S. plants can benefit from these other plants’ experience, lessons learned and best practices on their own road to plant improvement.

    Our know-how combined with comprehensive experience in Design, Licensing, Implementation, Operating & Maintenance enable us to provide you with the digital safety I&C systems and products that you need to benefit your plant performance.

  • Digital Control Rod Drive

    Digital Control Rod Drive Control System

    Another example of digital upgrades is Framatome's recent Digital Control Rod Drive Control System (DCRDCS) build and installation at a U.S. nuclear plant. The DCRDCS is designed to eliminate aging problems such as lack of spare parts and issues with critical components and to improve the reliability of this critical plant system for long-term maintenance free operation.

  • Flux Mapping System

    Flux Mapping System

    Most Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) plants are still using their vintage Flux Mapping Systems (FMS), which were installed in the 1970s and 1980s. As these systems age, component failures increase to the point that the plant cannot depend on the system to provide a reliable flux map when needed.

    Framatome has developed a replacement FMS composed of a new automated controller with integrated data acquisition, new detector high voltage DC power supplies, new detector drive motors with integrated resolvers, new digital motor controllers and a new user interface panel.

    Framatome’s FMS stands ready to meet your objectives:

    • Replacing an unreliable and obsolete FMS with a reliable and modern solution that takes the risk out of performing flux maps on schedule
    • Obtaining a system that is easy to install, operate and maintain with a “commercial-off-the-shelf” PLC and HMI component
    • Implementing the FMS with minimal risk
    • Initiating a relationship with a vendor for long-term FMS support.
  • Loose Parts Monitoring System

    Loose Parts Monitoring

    As energy suppliers invest substantially in major components to enhance the long-term performance of their utilities, Framatome provides an innovative and cost effective solution to protect major component assets. Our Loose Parts Monitoring System (LPMS) combines a highly successful track record of field proven technical performance and reliability with the industry’s most responsive service teams to help keep your plant components operating safely and efficiently. LPMS can give you piece of mind to quickly identify loose parts issues that can interfere with the output of your plant.

  • Reactivity Measurement Analysis System

    Reactivity Measurement and Analysis System (RMAS)

    Continuous advances in the Zero-Power Physics Testing (ZPPT) phase of startups have resulted in the development and evolution of Framatome’s Reactivity Measurement and Analysis System (RMAS) to assist plants in the execution of their physics testing programs. RMAS is a periodically-used I&C system designed to interface with permanent plant equipment and perform real-time data acquisition, data processing, reactivity calculations, and data analysis.

    RMAS has been used successfully during more than 350 PWR startups in the United States, Brazil, and China, and included in the Framatome EPR™ fleet being built in Finland, France, and China. Nearly one-half of U.S. PWRs utilize RMAS for optimizing ZPPT activities. Utilities that operate CE, B&W, and Westinghouse designed plants have all benefited from RMAS ZPPT capabilities. Framatome support includes RMAS sales, rental, startup engineering support, as well as procedure review, customized installation and training.

    We have used advances in personal computer technology and state-of-the-art software tools to create a flexible and robust solution to aid in physics testing. Framatome continues to invest in and improve RMAS capabilities to provide continually-improving benefits to our customers. Recent enhancements include the release of RMAS Version 7 Software and the capability to communicate directly with the plant computer and other digital instrumentation systems.