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Framatome is pleased to announce the grand opening of our new parts management and storage facility. We are now shipping and receiving from the new location.

The new address is:
Nuclear Parts Center
1724-A Mount Athos Road
Lynchburg, VA 24504

Critical Bolting Products

Framatome’s Nuclear Parts Center is proud to welcome Technofast tensioning products for critical bolting, which improve safety, reduce costs and downtime.

Framatome’s Nuclear Parts Center is now the exclusive channel to the North American nuclear market for Technofast Tensioning Products providing 24/7/365 access to an inventory of EziTite® Temperature Resistant (TR) Hydraulic Nuts, CamNut™ Tensioning System and CamBolt™ System specifically for the nuclear industry.

Our team stands ready to provide our customers with enhanced technology to provide solutions to meet their critical bolting needs, including a patented secondary release mechanism now incorporated in the EziTite TR Hydraulic Nut. The EziTite TR Hydraulic Nut qualifies as a like-for-like replacement for existing products.

Case study:
Dependable On-time Delivery

Utility Challenge

Plants need a dependable resource for spare parts. In one instance, an operator needed Velan Gate Valves delivered three months ahead of typical production time.

Framatome Solution

Framatome’s Nuclear Parts Center (NPC) jumped into action and traveled to the supplier site to coordinate expedited production and ensure the needed inventory was supplied to meet the outage window. This example is just one in a forty-year history of providing on-time delivery of high-quality parts to the nuclear industry.

The Final Result

Dependable, on-time delivery from the Nuclear Parts Center – your one-stop shop for small bore valve needs. Connect 24/7/365 for NPC delivery from leading valve manufacturers through our customer inquiry system.

The NPC stocks approximately 22,000 parts a year at the Level B storage facility, which is ISO 9001 and 18001 certified. The NPC provides ASME N, NPT, and NR Certificates of Authorization. Their portfolio has expanded to offer innovative solutions to help utilities with all reactor types to lower their inventory costs while maintaining access to high-quality inventory, every day.

The Benefit
24/7/365 access to an extensive inventory of spare parts

  • Framatome Nuclear Parts Center

    Framatome Nuclear Parts Center

    The Nuclear Parts Center (NPC) features a Customer Inquiry System ( where utilities can connect with Framatome 24/7/365 for access to its extensive spare parts inventory, guaranteed stocking programs, supply chain management and technical support.

    The NPC maintains a vast stock of spare parts and provides access to nuclear-rated valves and actuators, electrical components such as breakers, control relays and switches, reactor coolant pump seal parts, valve components, Nuclear Grade Air Traps™, nuclear steam supply system and ASME code parts and nuclear cartridge filters. For reliable, efficient inventory management, Framatome can help you manage obsolescence — with confidence.

  • Commercial Grade Dedication

    Commercial Grade Dedication

    Framatome is leading the industry with turnkey CGD services that decrease utilities’ risks, lower costs, improve execution efficiency and reduce lead times through economies of scale. We offer the best value, highest reliability and industry-leading quality in CGD services.


    With a multi-disciplinary team of more than 25 engineers, we stand ready to:

    • Develop commercial grade dedication plans
    • Define critical characteristics required to provide reasonable assurance
    • Deliver dedication documentation and components directly to the project or final customer


    Our team has developed hundreds of Commercial Grade Dedication plans. Our staff members are located in Cranberry, Pa., Lynchburg, Va. and Charlotte, N.C. Our customers benefit from reduced engineering time and costs through economies of scale.


    Features and Benefits

    • 20 years of CGD experience translates into delivering the right product, on time, the first time
    • Lower O&M costs
    • Decades of plant NSSS experience help customers execute operational excellence with enhanced value
    • Single point of contact for sourcing, dedication and delivery (turnkey service)
    • Bulk sourcing and standardized dedication plans reduce costs and shorten lead times
    • Turnkey service allows plant staff to focus on high priority and emergent issues
    • Avoided cost of upgrading dedication plans
    • Strategic Partnerships provide significant depth in expertise
  • Product Engineering

    Product Engineering

    Electrical, I&C, and Mechanical resources have expertise in:

    • Commercial Grade Dedication
    • Procurement Engineering
    • Equipment Qualification
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Strategic Product Development
  • Production Management

    Production Management

    Our dedicated production management ensures difficult to source items are delivered to meet your needs on-time.

    We achieve our high-quality, on-time delivery through rigorous project management. Through our more than 20 years of experience, Framatome has implemented processes and procedures for continuous improvement, cost optimization and enhanced schedule performance. As a result, our customers benefit from our ability to execute efficiently from day one and to scale up rapidly to deliver the volume and quality needed.

  • Testing and Quality

    Testing and Quality


    Framatome has extensive testing capabilities including chemical, metallurgical, material and electrical labs with modern equipment and facilities. Our staff of seven test technicians in the Products area:

    • Has a combined experience of more than 125 years of experience
    • Establishes and oversees test plans and inspections
    • Majority of our testing is performed in-house at Framatome facilities allowing us to quickly address emergent needs



    Maximizing the breadth of quality expertise within Framatome, our Quality team creates a comprehensive quality assurance data package/dedication report and documentation of test results.


    All work at Framatome's U.S. Technical Center laboratories is performed according to the Framatome Inc. Quality Assurance Program, which meets the requirements of 10CFR50, Appendix B, NQA-1, and ASME Section III and Section XI.


    We are a NIAC member and audited by NUPIC. Our CGD services are fully aligned with EPRI’s latest “Guideline for the Acceptance of Commercial-Grade Items in Nuclear Safety-Related Applications” (2014) and have been noted as a strength by industry experts.

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