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Utilities can be confident they’ll meet their outage goals during and between outages, thanks to Framatome's experience from conducting more than 110 outages a year on nearly all types of reactors worldwide. Our highly skilled teams deploy proven, innovative technologies and solutions backed by service-proven knowledge of utilities’ objectives for reactor maintenance and fuel reloading operations.

Find out how Framatome's investments in facilities, processes and people are helping utilities tackle increasingly complex outage projects safely and economically as measured by plant performance long after the outage is over.

Steam Generator Solutions

A leading supplier of steam generator inspection and maintenance services in the United States

Non-Destructive Examination

Reduce the hassles of your reactor vessel examinations.

Pump and Motor Solutions

See more value with our pump & motor solutions.

Component Replacement & Repair

Innovative replacements and repairs include advanced designs, tooling, and technologies.

Chemistry & Technical Services

Your one-stop chemistry resource for both off-the-shelf and tailored solutions.

Refueling and Outage Services

A leading supplier of refueling services, helping customers achieve outage results that exceed expectations.