Temporary Works Co-ordindator

Referenz 2024-16194


Hinkley Point C, Bridgwater


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The Temporary Works coordinator will assist the Temporary works manager with Coordination and Supervision of all site works associated with TW, according to the duties stipulated within the British Standard BS5975 and the Framatome Temporary Works Procedure. Some duties are identified below:

–        Assist the Framatome Temporary Works Manager in ensuring that all Temporary Works are managed in accordance with approved procedures.

–        Ensure all duties and steps of the Temporary Works process, e.g. Temporary Works Brief, check of TW Design, inspections, permits issuance, are adhered to and followed.

–        Cooperate with and support the Framatome Temporary Works manager and other Coordinators or Supervisors.

–        Supervise the erection, use, maintenance and dismantling of the Temporary Works under the responsibility of Framatome.

–        Carry out or supervise the required checks at appropriate stages during the construction, erection or installation of the Temporary Works.

–        Assist with issuing of permit associated with temporary works

–        Ensure that any changes or modifications to the scheme or differences from the envisaged conditions (use or environment) are drawn to the attention of Framatome Temporary Works Manager and aid in the coordinate with TW designers of any changes.

–        In the event that any inspection reveals discrepancies between the design and the construction of temporary works, issue a notice to prevent loading (or unloading) until such a time the discrepancies have been rectified to the satisfaction of the Framatome Temporary Works Manager.

–        Carry out the final check prior to use the Temporary Works if required formally and have the competency to undertake the duty.

–        After a final check, making sure the design requirements have been met, and when authorized, ensure a permit to load or other associated permits related to Temporary works is issued and provide a copy of the permit to Framatome Temporary Works Manager.

–        Carry out or supervise any planned maintenance of the Temporary Works.

–        Be aware of any limitations on use of their Temporary Works for which the Framatome organisation is responsible.

–        Ensure the permanent structure has attained adequate strength and/or stability and when authorized ensure a permit to unload (take out of use) the temporary works and provide a copy of the permit to the Framatome Temporary Works Manager.

–        When undertaking lifting operations, ensure the acceptable ground bearing capacity beneath the outrigger pads, tracks, wheels etc.

–        Assist with the procurement of access requirements needed to allow the permanent works to be constructed. This involves liaising with site teams, understanding their requirements, and producing scaffold request in order to get suitable access.

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Specific skills, experiences, and qualifications:

–        Engineering degree – desirable

–        Engineering knowledge and understanding – ability to apply technical and practical skills (read, understand, and implement the requirements of drawings and specifications)

–        Good communication skills essential for liaising with site team, temporary works designer, principal contractor etc – essential

–        CPCS TWC or minimum TWS qualifications – essential 

–        Good understanding of BS5975 – desirable

–        Experience with site inspections checking certified design is implemented in accordance with the drawings or specification.

–        Experience of construction, preferably with a structural background with a wide range of Temporary Works experience, with a sound understanding of engineering principles is desirable but not essential.

–        CSCS card / SSSTS or SMSTS – desirable 

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Spezialität: G1 - Projektmanagement

Bildungsstufen (alle) Master/Diplom

Ort : Vereinigtes Königreich, Bridgwater, Hinkley Point C

Reisen: Nein

Beschäftigungsniveau: Cadre

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