Data Technical Integration Manager

Reference 2024-15359

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Aztec West, Europe



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EDF EPR Engineering UK (EPR-E) is a subsidiary of Edvance, which is a joint venture between EDF and Framatome, established in 2018 in charge of the design and the realisation of nuclear islands for new projects in France and worldwide.
In particular, EPR-E is responsible for the design and construction of the nuclear island for Hinkley Point C (HPC) project and preparing the design replication and engineering activities for the Sizewell C (SZC) Project.

For the HPC project, we are currently looking to recruit for the role of Data Technical Integration Manager
As part of the digitization of the nuclear projects, the production of design data is becoming as binding as the production of engineering documents.
The HPC Technical Direction is looking for a candidate to lead the adaptation of business processes to produce data whose quality and consistency meet the requirements of the configuration milestones defined for each project.

The successful candidate will be assigned to the HPC Project and will report to the HPC Digital Transformation Manager. The candidate will work in collaboration with integrated teams to adapt and build standard processes while minimizing changes to avoid disrupting study production. These standard processes built within HPC must be implemented in the EPR projects. The candidate will be responsible for reporting the progress of the work and obtaining their agreement for applicability.
The candidate will also interface with the Technical Integration process owners’ representative to ensure consistency with the principles and guidance.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the following:

  • Understanding the process 2.0 “ensure system technical integration” and its subprocesses based on the definitions and objectives established by the RIT business purpose. In particular, the subprocesses ‘2.3 manage configuration’ and ‘2.4 manage data integration’.
  • Understanding what is expected for each consistent configuration state in terms of data and design maturity. This requires working with HPC SoC1 management team.
  • Recording of engineering rules (DP, INS, ENG) applicable on the HPC project to control the last two levels of quality out of the following three:
  • Working with SoC1 management team to define what is missing to ensure the three levels. The disciplines concerned are: system requirement, equipment procurement and commissioning. 3D model layout and CW equipment are not concerned.
  • Working with the tool representitives to facilitate the required updates and to ensure the proper use of the necessary standard tools is applied.
  • Framing and specifying the necessary update of the tools (3DX PLM) and interfaces to implement the functionalities to support configuration management and consistency states. Validating the use-cases and contribute to the validation steps.
  • Validating, with technical directorate, the updated engineering rules on HPC and on the other projects.

You are

To be considered, we require the following skills and experience

  • Extensive experience in nuclear power plant design with, if possible, experience in equipment specification or commissioning.


Languages (level)

  • English fluent
  • French is a bonus

The candidate will be responsible for defining the necessary adaptations to existing HPC processes to serve the data-centric approach required for the first “SoC1” (Start of commissioning 1) milestone. It will also be necessary to establish processes for verifying consistency and the expected level of maturity. This activity is related to the deployment of process:

·         2.3 Configuration management and process
·         2.4 technical integration of data for EPR projects.

The procedures should be ready and deployed in the teams by the end of 2024. These procedures should be standardized and applicable to support the data production for consistent states also on other EPR projects. Regular sharing sessions will need to be implemented to ensure this objective is met.



The deployment of 3DX PLM, which will be used for physical configuration and commissioning on HPC and SZC projects, requires engineering teams to produce data according to IMS quality processes (P3). Data production must also enable consistent configuration states (partial or general) to be represented at the same level of maturity for each discipline. Thus, the data used for procurement and commissioning must be at the same level of maturity.

The state of engineering procedures on EPR projects does not guarantee the production of consistent, quality data across all project disciplines.


Working pattern:

(3 days/week at the office minimum) – Business travels required to Montrouge, Paris, FRANCE

Additional information

Specialization: O1 - Management performance & processus

Level of education (all) Bachelor

Place: United Kingdom, Europe, Aztec West

Employment level: Cadre