I&C architecture exploration officer

Reference 2022-9203

Non fixed term

Lyon, Rhône (69)



Your missions

As part of ICN, which becomes the referent entity for the expansion of “architecture exploration” in I&C, but also in Framatome, you will : 

_ Develop your own capabilities in using and developing Geeglee models

_ Provide support to the use of existing I&C Geeglee applications (Geeglee for I&C Tenders, I&C technology development roadmapping with Geeglee (module level, platform level, multi-platform level), Value for the market of new I&C products (eg OMC3 advanced core control), …)

_ Develop support to the identification of new applications of “architecture exploration” / Geeglee in I&C, and partially in other BUs in Framatome

_ Propose new axis for development of “architecture exploration” / Geeglee applications in I&C, and coordinate the ones validated by the steering committee

_ Develop an overview of how the “architecture exploration” practice adds value to various engineering and management processes in I&C, including identifying options for connecting the architecture exploration practice with other systems engineering and offer/ project managemeent practices (development lifecycle, MBSE, early checks, PLM, etc)

_ Monitor the pipeline of possible application cases in I&C, and in Framatome at the beginning, liaising with the possible users and supporting them

_ Capitalise knowledge on “architecture exploration” for I&C applications

_ Actively communicate and promote this practice within I&C and within Framatome

_ Gain new insights on “architecture exploration” through contacts with external initiatives

_ Potentially participate in collaborative projects with other industrial companies, leveraging the “architecture exploration” / Geeglee practice in Framatome

You are

_ Master’s degree in I&C engineering or equivalent

_ Advanced level in Systems Engineering (architecting, model-driven engineering)

_ Capabilities in architecture modeling, in IT topics / Programming

_ Entrepreneurial spirit to develop a new business stream

_ High-level interpersonal relationship and communication skills

_ Team work, positive spirit, endurance

Additional information

Specialization: TAL - Instrumentation and Control

Level of education (all) Master

Place: France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Rhône (69), Lyon

Employment level: Engineer & Executive

Position under administrative investigation: Oui