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21 Apr 2022 by

FROG, the Framatome Owners' Group, maintains link between designer and nuclear operators

As part of the FROG steering committee meeting, exceptionally held in a digital format this year, Framatome brought together FROG members to present the progress made by its working groups and research programs. The occasion was also a chance for operators to share news about recent events at their plants.

In addition, FROG welcomed as a new member the Dutch utility EPZ, which operates the Borssele pressurized water reactor.

"We are pleased that EPZ has joined FROG," said Catherine Cornand, Senior Eecuitive Vice President of the Installed Base BU. "This nuclear community capitalizes on Framatome's OEM* expertise, which helps us provide our customers with solutions to their operating challenges. Nuclear operators use FROG as a forum to discuss issues amongst themselves and call upon the support of experts from Framatome."
"For Borssele, which is the only nuclear power plant in the Netherlands, being able to share our experience as an operator is very important," commented Andre de Jong, Team Leader Engineering, EPZ. "Borssele will be in operation for 60 years and aims to continue running beyond that date. Our teams have to maintain their skills and learn from the experience of the global nuclear industry."

Created in 1991, FROG, the Framatome Owners Group, is an international network facilitated by the Framatome teams. Its members include operators of reactors designed by Framatome as well as operators whose reactors are equipped with Framatome components. Since 2018, FROG has extended the areas of study covered by its working groups to the specifics of EPR design.

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