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25 Aug 2020 by

As FROG secretary I take the opportunity of this new FROG Web site publishing to address a message to all FROG members.

As you know this year is unusual with panademic situation which prevent FROG from having Working Groups meetings.

This situation is difficult for FROG Organisation but we need to continue to have exchange of experience between members.

For this, FROG proposes 3 new enhanced means:

1. New FROG Web site, it is proposed to FROG members to travel in the new site to give your comments, to launch thread in discussion. It will be the new tool to tighten our member’s links

2. Working Group meetings in virtual mode, it will be kind of revolution using new collaborative tool. I invite members to participate to the first Working Group meeting in virtual mode for Chemistry on September 8th, 9th and 10th.

3. New Joint programs, in spite of postponed meetings we have this year according to members votes nice Joint programs to be launched, that’s promising interesting results.

Following these worldwide difficulties, we all hope that FROG will get out reinforced.

We will have our 53rd Steering committee meeting in Virtual mode on February 23rd to 25th 2021

I hope for all FROG members to keep health and to continue meetings and exchanges.

Bruno Chaudet
FROG Secretary