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30 Jul 2020 by Bruno CHAUDET

The new FROG Web site is published with several modern capabilities for the members. At first each member has an individual access with a login with email address and personal password.

This new offer an increased protection of the FROG data to permanent FROG Members for all data and Associated FROG Members for data related to the Working Group for which the member is associated. When login in the FROG Web site each member has to confirm his agreement with terms and policy and membership agreement.
The second capability is the open forum to increase exchange between members. I invite all members to pick-up the thread to exchange experience and good practices.

This new FROG Web site is the opportunity to give a new look to the FROG organization with modern media possibilities with images, news and video. I invite all members to visit once a time each week to see news about FROG activities. You will have for each news a notification in order to go directly to the news.

An important new capability is to have a time line for each Joint Program. We all know that Joint Program is the possibility to provide to all supporting members the results of the latest research in Nuclear industry. I invite all members to follow the time lines and to support and vote for the Joint Programs.

In this FROG web site, you will also retrieve all the FROG records of the past years since 1991.

In conclusion, it was long to develop this new Web site, sorry to be so long but I hope that all members will get satisfied with this new FROG web site and that it becomes like honey pot where each member will dip his finger.

FROG Secretary