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Framatome acquires Valinox, a tube specialist for nuclear reactor steam generators

June 1, 2021 | 1 min |
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June 1, 2021 – Framatome today announced the acquisition of Valinox Nucléaire SAS from Vallourec Group. Valinox is a French company that specializes in the production of seamless steam generator tubes for nuclear power plants.

Valinox becomes a subsidiary of Framatome and retains its brand name. Valinox is recognized for its quality equipment and robust technological competencies. Framatome’s acquisition of this reputed know-how supports meeting the challenges of the French nuclear industry in terms of maintaining and renewing its nuclear fleet.

"This acquisition strengthens our strategy to ensure the continuity of a strong skill base and industrial expertise in the production of components for all types of nuclear reactors," said Bernard Fontana, CEO of Framatome. "We are committed to serving our customers with solutions that enhance the reliability and competitiveness of low-carbon electricity generation in nuclear power plants in France and around the world."

For more than 45 years, Valinox employees have produced durable tubes that meet the most stringent safety specifications for the nuclear industry. The seamless steam generator tubes represent the only interface between the primary and secondary systems in pressurized water reactors. The tubes transfer heat from the reactor to the secondary loop to produce steam that drives a high-power turbine to generate electricity.

"We are pleased to welcome Valinox employees and integrate their skills within Framatome’s high-performing teams," said Carole le Couedic, senior vice president, components operation of the Fuel Business Unit at Framatome and president of the new subsidiary. "The company's proven expertise and reputation are major assets that complement Framatome's production supply chain and our ability to meet our customers’ needs."

The company’s 95,000-square-meter metallurgical workshops are located in Montbard, Burgundy. This region is known for its expertise in mechanical engineering for the nuclear industry and is home to several Framatome plants.
Technicians checking the correct alignment of tubes for steam generators
Technicians checking the correct alignment of tubes for steam generators


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