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Framatome confirms its connection with Lyon and moves to new premises in the city

May, 29 2019 | 2 min |
Category: corporate

Framatome, a leading actor in the nuclear industry, confirms its economic ties with Lyon by choosing Techsud Business Park in Gerland (7th arrondissement) for the permanent location of its new offices. Operational in Lyon since 1979, Framatome is modernizing its facilities with the construction of an office complex and green space covering a total surface area of 27,500 m2. The complex is being built by CoGV with the support of architecture firm AFAA.

The 1,300 Framatome employees based in Lyon will move into the new premises at the end of 2021. The modern building has been designed to facilitate collaborative working methods and can accommodate up to 1,750 people.

With plants in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, and services and engineering activities in Lyon, Framatome employs more than 5,300 people in these regions.

"Construction of the Framatome campus in Gerland confirms Framatome's desire to capitalize on the expertise of the teams based in Lyon, and allows us to welcome present and future employees to a modern and flexible work environment. The commitment and remarkable support from Lyon city and metropolitan councils in managing the project reflect the strong links forged over many years," said Bernard Fontana, Framatome CEO.

"I'm very proud of this deal, which shows that global corporations are undertaking major development projects in the Lyon metropolitan area. Framatome, a leading company in a rapidly expanding industry of the future, has chosen to locate its engineers in our local area for the long term. The move to Gerland further underlines the growth of this district which also recently welcomed corporations such as RTE, EDF, Boehringer Ingelheim and GRT, and major research centers such as the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the International Center for Infectiology Research (CIRI) and the Nexans Research Center. Lyon metropolitan council is creating a new living environment for the residents and employees of this neighborhood which is becoming increasingly popular. I would like to pay tribute to the collaborative work on the Framatome project that involved the developer CoGV, Lyon city council, SYTRAL, Mission Gerland and the teams of the metropolitan council. We are witnessing the creation of a new hub of innovation, research and employment that stretches from Gerland to the Vallée de la Chimie" said David Kimelfeld, President of Lyon metropolitan council.

Gérard Collomb, Mayor of Lyon, is delighted to see Framatome reassert its historic ties with Lyon. "We are proud that this flagship nuclear power company has chosen to locate its offices in the heart of Gerland, in an area of innovation and excellence, alongside many other major players in the energy sector. Framatome’s relocation marks the completion of construction activities in the Techsud urban development zone. It confirms the growth trajectory of the Gerland area which is seen as a model of urban development, combining services, industry and housing.
With as many employees as residents, Gerland is a welcoming neighborhood, and a harmonious district focused on the future."


About Framatome

Framatome is an international leader in nuclear energy recognized for its innovative, digital and value added solutions for the global nuclear fleet. With worldwide expertise and a proven track record for reliability and performance, the company designs, services and installs components, fuel, and instrumentation and control systems for nuclear power plants. Its more than 16,000 employees work every day to help Framatome’s customers supply ever cleaner, safer and more economical low-carbon energy.

Framatome is owned by the EDF Group (75.5%), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI – 19.5%) and Assystem (5%).