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Framatome recognized as a trainee-friendly company

October 22, 2019 | 1 min |
Category: corporate

Framatome ranks fifth among firms where interns and work-study trainees are “happiest and most motivated.”* Results from the ChooseMyCompany survey reported that 85.6 percent of interns and work-study trainees recommend Framatome for an internship or work-study placement, rating the company 4.01 out of 5 in terms of places to continue their professional development.

Professional development comes in at the top of the list: 86.6 percent of interns and work-study trainees are pleased with the "significant number of opportunities and missions, and the useful and interesting nature of discussions with the people encountered."

Second on the list is motivation with 84.4 percent of respondents describing Framatome as "a company that works on many large-scale projects and has an international reputation."

Pride and pleasure share the third spot with more than 81 percent of interns and work-study trainees mentioning "an exciting working environment."

In addition to gaining technical expertise, interns and work-study trainees appreciate the life-work balance and the significant independence they are granted by mentors who trust them.

Each year, Framatome recruits 200 work-study trainees in France for jobs ranging from engineering to support functions. Recruitment for technical roles is a challenge with 800 positions to be filled over a year, of which 36 percent are reserved for young graduates. Framatome’s recruitment policy is designed to ensure interns and work-study trainees represent 20 percent of its annual young graduate intake.

*Ranking of companies hosting 500 to 1,000 interns and work-study trainees a year.

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About Framatome

Framatome is an international leader in nuclear energy recognized for its innovative solutions and value added technologies for the global nuclear fleet. With worldwide expertise and a proven track record for reliability and performance, the company designs, services and installs components, fuel, and instrumentation and control systems for nuclear power plants. Its more than 14,000 employees work every day to help Framatome’s customers supply ever cleaner, safer and more economical low-carbon energy.

Framatome is owned by the EDF Group (75.5%), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI – 19.5%) and Assystem (5%).