M5 Framatome: the new Framatome trademark for M5 Alloy

January 10, 2019 | 1 min |
Category: fuel
Framatome has recently registered a new trademark, M5 Framatome. M5 Framatome advanced alloy is unique and is characterized by its optimized manufacturing route and performance attributes, exclusively linked to Framatome extensive irradiation experience, test and licensing database. M5 Framatome trademark has been registered in all the countries having PWR Nuclear Power Plants currently in operation or planning to build new ones.

The M5 Framatome alloy development started in the former Framatome company in the 80’s for cladding tubes and structural components of PWR Nuclear Fuel Assemblies. Since then, the M5 Framatome alloy was licensed by Safety Authorities worldwide and has demonstrated superior behavior with regards to performance under operation and safety margins compared to other PWR Advanced Alloys.

Alain Frichet, Product & Technology Vice President of the Fuel Business Unit at Framatome specified: “The decision to register the M5Framatome new trademark points out the continuity regarding Nuclear Fuel technologies invented by Framatome along its history. Around 26,500 fuel assemblies supplied by Framatome with 6.5 Millions M5 Framatome cladding tubes have completed their operation or are currently operating in 101 commercial reactors worldwide, which underlines the performance attributes of this alloy.”

M5 Framatome trademark now belongs to the family of more than 40 trademarks related to Framatome Nuclear Fuel.

M5 and M5 Framatome are trademarks or registered trademarks of Framatome or its affiliates, in the USA or other countries.


About Framatome

Framatome is an international leader in nuclear energy recognized for its innovative solutions and value added technologies for the global nuclear fleet. With worldwide expertise and a proven track record for reliability and performance, the company designs, services and installs components, fuel, and instrumentation and control systems for nuclear power plants. Its more than 14,000 employees work every day to help Framatome’s customers supply ever cleaner, safer and more economical low-carbon energy.

Framatome is owned by the EDF Group (75.5%), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI – 19.5%) and Assystem (5%).