January 23, 2020

Stress relieving heat treatment processes: Framatome continues its works

In the context of the development of industrial processes, Framatome detected non-compliance with specified temperature ranges in the application of particular local stress-relieving heat treatments (SRHT) carried out on certain primary components. The non-respect of temperature ranges constitutes a deviation from the technical manufacturing standards.

Investigations conducted to date confirm a deviation for SRHT processes using muffles equipped with electrical resistances on the one hand, and heating panels with ceramic resistances on the other.

Framatome teams are analyzing the causes and implementing corrective measures. Framatome is keeping the operators concerned informed, both in France and abroad.

The analyses carried out at this stage confirm that the mechanical integrity of the parts concerned is not impaired.

Framatome presents its works to the High Committee for Transparency and Information on Nuclear Security (Haut comité pour la transparence et l’information sur la sécurité nucléaire – HCTISN)

On January 22, Framatome and EDF presented the progress of their work before the HCTISN, an independent French body.

The HCTISN is an information, consultation and debating body concerning the risks linked to nuclear activities and the impact of these activities on the health of individuals, on the environment and on nuclear safety.