Instrumentation and Control

Your new built project requires instrumentation and control (I&C) solution providers that can commit on project performance, experience and technical capabilities.

Framatome provides safe, cost-effective automation and instrumentation technologies that meet all your safety and performance requirements. With the design of human-machine interfaces, engineering and full-scope simulators, and training, our customers have access to the most complete I&C portfolio. Our projects are delivered reliably by working closely with our customers and partners.

Benefit from Framatome’s experience based on more than 100 nuclear power plants worldwide relying on our products and solutions for all reactor designs.

  • Safety I&C - Automation Solutions

    Instrumentation and control systems architecture is a mission critical task to accomplish the early phases of a new build project.

    Our experiences range from architecture engineering to detailed systems engineering. TELEPERM XS is our platform for safety I&C applications operating reliably since decades. It comprises all the necessary hardware and software components, including the software tools required for engineering, testing and commissioning, operation and troubleshooting.

    It is used in more than 80 comprehensive applications in many different reactor designs worldwide. In addition, we provide cost-effective solutions for stand-alone systems, like e.g. refueling machines, auxiliary systems and lifting devices.

  • Nuclear instrumentation (incore/excore) and measurement systems

    We know nuclear technology inside out. That’s why we qualify our instrumentation solutions to operate under the harshest conditions. And of course, they are also designed and configured for compliance with the most stringent standards.

    Own manufacturing sites ensure a high quality standard and proximity to our customers. Our movable and fixed in-core detector systems are individually designed solutions to support safe reactor operations. Our complete solutions are used in more than 100 reactors worldwide.

  • I&C solutions: from design to installation, digitalization and simulators

    Instrumentation and Control (I&C) is fundamental for plant safe operation. Having a turnkey Nuclear Steam Supply System I&C solution is a valuable asset for a new plant customer.

    Framatome proposes global I&C solutions from basic design to commissioning and qualification, using the latest digital technologies. For their use in safety-related instrumentation and control and electrical systems, suitable components and equipment have to be selected.

    Qualification in accordance with nuclear rules and standards provides the evidence that components including their interfaces are appropriate designed and able to operate under every normal, abnormal or accidental conditions. Our competence lies in the preparation of integrated qualification concepts and their realization: starting from the detailed analysis of the formal and technical requirements, scheduling of the qualification activities, execution of the complete qualification testing up to the final suitability analysis.

    We work closely together with our customers to identify the qualification needs to finally succeed in the licensing process. For all our products and solutions we offer comprehensive trainings to guarantee smooth operations.

  • Other I&C solutions

    Authorities sometimes request fully diverse non-computerized functionalities next to computerized safety I&C systems when building a new power plant.

    Framatome’s non-computerized solutions are built by discrete components enabling the design of diverse actuation systems for highest safety classes. Due to platform built-in modularity small scale solutions as well as comprehensive safety systems can be designed.

    Our non-computerized solutions are developed in accordance with the most stringent nuclear industry requirements. The modern analogue platforms benefit from the same long-term support concept like our TELEPERM XS platform.

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