Reference No: A0044

Film-Forming amines (FFA): Corrosion Protection and preservation of water-steam cycle

Main description

Framatome’s Film-Forming Amines (FFA) solution preserves the SGs’ integrity by minimizing generation and input of corrosion products and consequently reduce maintenance and repair costs. Additionally, the patented, effective and field-proven technology for corrosion protection and preservation for the water-steam cycle complements the optimization of outage schedules with respect to lay-up procedures of the water-steam cycle. FFA technology applies a secondary side lay-up strategy while improving the water-steam cycle conditions and the SG cleanliness concept. The adherent hydrophobic, temperature-resistant film protects the inner surfaces of the water-steam cycle against corrosion during outages and power operation. The FFA application can realize an iron concentration in the range of less than 1 µg/kg during normal power operation.

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