Reference No: A0059

Mini-Inside Diameter Temper Bead (IDTB) for Bottom-Mounted Nozzle, Reactor Vessel Closure Head and Pressurizer Heater Nozzle Integrity

As the nuclear fleet ages, the likelihood of Primary Water stress Corrosion Cracking (PWSCC) occurring in a Dissimilar Metal (DM) weld increases substantially

Framatome’s Mini-ID Temper Bead (IDTB) welding techniques can eliminate all Alloy 600 from service and implement a permanent solution for continued component integrity. The mini-IDTB process was originally developed for Bottom Mounted Nozzles (BMNs); however, it was used to successfully repair pressurizer heater nozzle locations. We can perform mini-IDTB weld mitigation of your BMNs with the reactor vessel (RV) in the flooded condition, reducing radiation exposure and impact to your outage schedule.

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