Reference No: A0113

Reactor Coolant Pumps (RCP) seal, motor and internals services - For PWR reactors

Main description

Management of aging components is a critical factor to operational excellence. With long lead-times and lack of availability, the costs associated with replacing obsolete equipment start to add up. Plant operators are performing more required maintenance tasks than ever with shrinking resource.

In addition to pumps and motors, Framatome routinely perform secondary side work including flange refacing on heat exchangers and repairs on turbines, compressors, valves, and more.



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Field Balancing and Vibration Diagnostics Services

Hot Workshop Internals Refurbishment

Hot Workshop Motor Refurbishment

RCP Internals alignment

RCP Internals Expertise

RCP Motor Electrical Diagnostic

Reactor Coolant Pump (RCP) Solution

Reactor Coolant Pump Internals Revamping

Seal requalication