Reference No: A0187

Full-scope metrology capabilities in-house to ensure precise fit up, from planning through installation

Framatome has full-scope metrology capabilities in-house to ensure precise fit up, from planning through installation. Support is available for design engineering, fabrication, installation, dimensional receipt inspection, large volume surface modeling, and interference detection as well as animation creation. Innovative technologies include digital photogrammetry, laser tracking, industrial total stations, laser scanning and complete 3D CADD analysis/visualization.

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Metrology in-house: Alternate Decay Heat Removal (ADHR)
Metrology in-house: Auxiliary Transformer Replacement
Metrology in-house: Circulating Water Intake Pump Replacement
Metrology in-house: Condensate Margin
Metrology in-house: Control Rod Disposal
Metrology in-house: Emergency Diesel Generator Mods
Metrology in-house: Feedwater Heater Replacement
Metrology in-house: Feedwater Valve Replacement
Metrology in-house: Intake Structure Project
Metrology in-house: Intake Valve Replacement
Metrology in-house: Reactor Vessel Cavity & Closure Head Disassembly Sequence Animation & 3D Model
Metrology in-house: Service Water Piping
Metrology in-house: Turbine Controls Modification