Reference No: A0242

Powerful and Reliable Lighting Solutions: BIRNS Lighting pools and reactor cavities

Framatome is the exclusive channel to the market for BIRNS lighting. BIRNS field-proven lighting products are trusted across the globe— they are custom engineered and stringently tested — including seismic qualification per IEEE-344. They enhance safety and radically decrease downtimes during fuel movement, inspection and maintenance, as well as help nuclear stations achieve Post-Fire Safe-Shutdown. All of BIRNS’ sophisticated lights feature top nuclear-grade materials, as well as captivated hardware, and smooth, rounded surfaces for workers’ safety. These versatile LED, incandescent, HPSV and tungsten halogen systems provide intense illumination with extremely long lamp lives, and allow simple 60 second re-lamping, usually without tools.

Product Sheet
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Corona Major
Curie II
Dual Kelvin
ELF/EPU Battery
Emergency Lighting Fixture-LED (ELF-LED)
Quantum-C (Compact) LED Floodlight
Screened Kelvin