Reference No: A0410

Quality services and engineering, Specifications and independent audits applicable in and out of nuclear industries - Qualicon

Nuclear operators are responsible to provide proof of their liability towards the appropriate and responsible national authorities. Consequently, the operators are obliged to ensure the quality of all purchased products delivered to their plants. Additionally, quality inspections at the manufacturer’s facilities are generally very time consuming and expensive for the quality department.

Catalog Segmentation
  • Challenge solving benefit Challenge solving benefit
  • Operator competitiveness benefit Operator competitiveness benefit
  • Safety excellence benefit Safety excellence benefit
  • Efficiency of operation benefit Efficiency of operation benefit
  • Expertise benefit Expertise benefit
  • Challenge solving benefit
  • Safety excellence benefit
  • Efficiency of operation benefit


AUD-Audits Ordered by Supplier
KON-Update of KONVOI Specifications
REN-Quality Engineering Services Renewable Energies
SIE-Quality Services for SIEMENS
SOQ-Other Quality Engineering Services
VGA-Audits Ordered by External Customers