Reference No: A0430

Other internals inspection (visual, UT and diverse probes) - For BWR reactors

Complementing a large portfolio of High Definition (HD) and High Radiation Tolerant Cameras, Framatome NDE Services has developed an array of tools to ensure quality compliance and shorten the overall outage schedule and provides the opportunity to perform IVVI skip outages. The global resources of Framatome are responding quickly with advanced innovations for visual examinations. With fully-remote automated tooling, HD camera technology, and advanced software, Framatome increases the quality of plant examinations while decreasing time spent on examinations.

Product Sheet
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BWR Inspection Nozzle Inspection Tooling
Core Shroud UT - BWR
Core Spray Pipe UT - BWR
Cutting-Edge: HawkEYE IVVI Inspection
HawkEYE Remote Steam Dryer Visual Inspection Systems - BWR
In-Vessel Visual Inspection (IVVI) - BWR
Jet Pump Beam UT - BWR
Jet Pump Diffuser Inspection - BWR