Reference No: A0464

SUSI robot applications (visual inspection and NDE)

To meet Nuclear Power Plant's underwater examination needs, we have developed a specific and advanced Submarine System for Inspections (SUSI). SUSI can be outfitted with a large range of tools including cameras, UT transducers, and retrieval of foreign objects (FOSAR) tools. In the water, SUSI is neutrally buoyant and is the most stable delivery submarine system in the industry. Four independent degrees of freedom make SUSI the most maneuverable submarine in the industry to provide the examination without compromising quality. SUSI is easily adapted and reconfigured for the changing needs of the nuclear industry. The system is easily set up and removed from containment to minimize impact to the overall outage.

Product Sheet
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High Definition Pan / Tilt Camera LVT 140 CPT
High Radiation Pan / Tilt Camera LVT 140 TPT
In-Vessel Visual Inspection (IVVI) SUSI Robot - PWR
Multi-Functional Underwater Inspection System (SUSI) - PWR
RPV baffle and barrel bolts (SUSI)
Visual Inspection and Non-destructive Testing of U-bend Tubes and Tube Holders (SUSI)