Reference No: A0485

Steam generator inspections solutions for Primary & Secondary Side

Framatome works with customers to manage steam generator (SG) secondary side deposit inventory. MAESTRO is our integrated software tool designed to guide the engineering approach. FORERUNNER as part of our suite of instruments, tools and software that are used to inspect and repair steam generators, is the newest manipulator for steam generator inspection and repair. Combined with deposit mapping analysis to determine the deposition trend or to provide advance information for future maintenance planning, these tools are powerful allies for implementing highly effective SG life cycle management strategies.

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SG Primary side inspection: Forerunner inspection manipulator
SG Program Management Plan (MAESTRO) - PWR
SG Secondary side inspection: IRIS crawler
SG tubes inspection: AIDA - SG Automated ET Data Analysis System - PWR
SG Visual Inspection of the Top of the Tube Sheet
Steam generator 3D-deposit Mapping for PWR